Zonda - Brand

Building the future of housing.

Zonda helps homebuilders stay ahead by delivering intuitive, anywhere-you-need-it data intelligence to a category ready for evolution. We helped align multiple groups under one consolidated platform, clarifying the architecture, positioning, and narrative which then led to a full rebrand and digital experience.

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  • Visual Language
Building the future of housing graphic on a light green background with simple geometric shapes
"Born from a single bit, the logo is representative of building blocks of data, plots of land, and the connections Zonda makes as they lead clients through the homebuilding process."
A grid of Zonda business cards
Zonda illustrations based on basic geometric shapes
Zonda infographic describing their real estate data services
Building data when and where you need it graphic
Trends to anticipate shifts graphic featuring a modern home
"Our goal is to put the right tools with the right data in our customers hands" with a picture of economist John Torres