Xbox One X

A wolf in wolf's clothing.

Xbox has always been dedicated to serving gaming's core, staking their position from the start as the go-to for those who are serious about the best games on the best platform. From pioneering online play to laying the groundwork for competitive gaming as we know it today, Xbox has led the growth of the core market. 

With the new Xbox One X they set out to create a console that is obsessively designed and handsomely devastating; with true native 4K gaming that's sharper, richer, and more immersive than anything in the market. It’s a true monster, yet leaner and much, much meaner than any of its predecessors.

We partnered with the great people at Xbox to help pioneer a foundation of brand voice and visual identity to usher in the new product. Collaborating closely with their internal ID and marketing teams, we helped solidify a position and look in accordance with the most powerful gaming console ever created – helping to land the idea that this power enabled an unmatched experience that was more visceral and real.

Xbox One X Essence 4

“We built our system around a common language using dynamic lighting and camera angles to convey the One X's reserved yet overwhelming power.”

— Karly Hand / Creative Director – Brand

X Console Corner2
Xbox One X Strategy Header Mobile

Worlds ahead.

The look and feel needed to fit seamlessly within the Xbox brand yet push contrast between the One X and everything else in the market, including other Xbox consoles. Since this product is for the core gaming community – those willing to pay for the best and most innovative – we worked iteratively with Xbox to communicate that this console is indeed a giant leap forward.

Xbox One X Hands Seamless

“We used our in-house photo lab to test lighting and composition, which was a big advantage as Xbox was looking to rapidly prototype design stories.”

— Pavlina Summers / Art Director - Photography

Visual Language

A feast for the senses.

Truely iconic. Strikingly elegant. The visual language for the One X is experience-forward – blending physical product and spaces with immersive game play moments. We went in tight on crops and utilized dynamic lighting to show off the beautifully designed details. And to reinforce that this is indeed the best gaming console ever, we collaborated on a system of infographics and motion elements romancing the built-in advantages of the Xbox One X.

“Motion empowers brands to connect with less words and more meaning. For Xbox, we built a versatile motion language that expresses the powerful features in this badass console.”

— Matthew Gamlen / Art Director – Content


With authority.

There's no reason to tip-toe around it. This new console is slimmed down and powered up with 326 GB processing power pushing 60 frames of 4K per second. Nothing else comes even close. The new brand voice is bold and fun, with messaging centered around touting advantage and challenging gamers everywhere to raise their expectations and accept nothing less than the absolute best. 

Xbox One X Messaging Tile 1 New
Xbox One X Scorpio Square 4 Xbox One X Working Square Monster
Xbox One X Working Square Zombie Xbox One X Messaging Tile 3B 1
Xbox One X Wild Post

“We helped the team at Xbox create a system that could pivot from hero moments to go deep into the details that power the experience.”

— Jared Milam / Creative Director – Brand

Xbox One X Chip
Xbox One X Quiet

There are unique challenges surrounding the launch of a product brand. Our deep experience in product design and branding made us the perfect fit to partner with the Xbox team in crafting a visual system reflective of their next-level hardware. We worked to embrace the vision of the product design and extend it into a communication platform that connects with the gaming audience. 

Together, we focused on creating a visual style and voice that captured the nature of the inner workings and outward appearance of the product itself – surgically precise yet strikingly powerful. Our work for Xbox One X helped inspire the internal marketing teams at Microsoft and inform their launch decisions while laying a solid foundation for their other creative partners to build from across a myriad of touchpoints. 

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