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A helmet is just a piece of equipment, like football is just a game. The sport has never been more popular, but lately, with our evolving knowledge of the dangers of concussions, participation is falling off at both ends of the spectrum. The best players are retiring earlier, and parents are shifting their children towards safer, lower-impact sports.

The team at VICIS is bringing a scientific approach to a problem that’s threatening to forever change football as we know it – applying decades of experience in medical technology and engineering to protect athletes from brain injury in an entirely new way. Cinco stepped in to help VICIS clarify their brand proposition through a go-to-market timeline and launch video.

Getting players to buy in to their scientific approach was critical to success. VICIS had determined early on that the answer to the problem wasn’t a sports solution, but a technical and engineering one. We helped structure their messaging strategy to support the premise that science would shape the future of protection; focusing on adoption from top-tier athletes first, knowing the rest would trickle down.


Seeing is believing.

Working closely with VICIS, we developed the plan for a launch video featuring an in-depth look into their revolutionary technology. In addition to a scientific theme throughout the spot, we featured experts, current athletes, and hall-of-famers speaking directly to what our core audience cares about – a profound love for the game of football and protecting its formative influence.

“This film required nearly every discipline of content creation. But, to tell a direct, compelling story, required simplification.”

— Matthew Gamlen / Art Director - Content

Vicis Build 3
Production Design

The moment of truth.

To clearly demonstrate the value of the new technology we created a heroic impact test that pitted the Zero1 against current helmet designs.

Vicis Build Screens

We constructed the video so segments could be pulled out as standalone pieces and used across various media formats. Debuting to coincide with the release of the acclaimed film, Concussion, allowed us to take advantage of a spike in conversation and the increased attention associated with the NFL postseason.

Cinco operates at the intersection of lifestyle, sport, and innovation. Our knowledge of the category helped VICIS to build an activation timeline centered around key milestones, positioning them as a major player in the conversation about concussion prevention. The video spot also generated momentum to carry through spring training camps leading up to the product’s physical launch in Fall 2016.

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