The James Brand - Website

Practical, not tactical.

In a market saturated with tactical products and features, The James Brand needed a fresh approach to stand out. Following the principles laid out in our strategy, we built a digital storefront and custom content that could tell their story in a fresh and inspiring way.

  • Digital
  • UI/UX
  • Ecommerce
  • Website
  • Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Campaign Strategy
An gif of various laydowns showing TJB knives in their natural environments
TJB Knives, pens, and carabiners on a wood block

A style founded on strategy.

We wanted a user’s first experience on the site to be a combination of the story and style of the brand. The story was built around two simple concepts: Own The Pocket and Practical, Not Tactical. Combined, these statements created a clear picture of what the brand stood for and who they were talking to. We used this picture to define our storytelling and aesthetic.

"The James Brand has always brought a focused and beautiful perspective to product. We sought to mirror that ethos in our shopping and discovery moments."
A collage of TJB website elements
Display of TJB Pike knives in all available CMF configurations

An open shopping flow.

A customized Shopify platform paired with a Craft CMS allows flexibility to shop products through an editorial lens. The experience unfolds as you dive deeper, exploring beautiful products through studio photography and ambassador stories that express the brand’s values. We had to create pages that let users quickly configure products and then seamlessly checkout.

Lifestyle-driven content.

The James Brand started with a belief that what you carry says something about you. So when they asked us to build their .com experience, we had to ensure it was not just a catalog of products, but an expression of the deep storytelling and lifestyle embodied by the brand. Ambassador stories were key. We developed a robust content strategy centered around the people who use the product every day.

TJB full magazine spread
TJB Stay sharp graphics