Tools for the modern explorer.

Some things will never go digital.

The James Brand started with a belief that what you carry says something about you. They wanted to create a brand that made products with the adventurer in mind – for those who live outside of an Instagram feed. To make everyday tools for people like us.

We set out to deliver best in class craftsmanship in an industry that prides itself on quality. To simplify, and provide a tool that excelled at the task at hand. A knife that would seem at home at the office, the beach, or in your backyard. A knife for the people who don't want to change blades when they change pants.

We worked collaboratively to create their brand platform, identity, communications strategy, product design, visual style, digital experience, and packaging. Our intent was to create something that was meant to be used everyday, a tool we'd never leave the house without. And to deliver a modern take in an industry obsessed with tactical details.

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Brand Identity

Simply iconic.

Taking inspiration from man's first tool, the Clovis Point, The James Brand identity is simple and iconic. The degree marker on the wordmark is a nod to the adventurous spirit of the brand and the signature color, Electric Moss, is an homage to our lifestyle here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Product Design

Open. Pry. Carve. Cut.

Every product we've designed for James has a clear focus as a practical take on modern, minimal, everyday carry. Refined details and premium finishes are paired with sleek silhouettes, rock-solid construction, and premium hardware for a look and feel that is at home in-pocket and in-hand day after day.

James Brand Elko Sketch Seamless
James Brand Knife Detail Solo
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James Brand Chapter Sketch Seamless

“The iconic pocket clip and refined details make the Chapter stand out in the crowd or in your pocket.”

— Matt Capozzi / Director of Product Experience

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Digital Experience

Product storytelling.

With the third iteration of The James Brand's digital experience, we set out to create a more shoppable experience that helps users understand the catalog of products and which one is right for them. The product family pages tell the stories of the products through the people that use them. The shop and product detail pages allows users to quickly configure products and seamlessly step through the checkout process.

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Some things will never go digital.

For ISPO 2018, we helped develop a tradeshow presence that was flexible, premium, ownable. Raw materials convey the premium nature of The James Brand’s products, while messaging and storytelling come across through a modular system of multi-functional display elements.

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Sharp focus.

Beyond crisp. Impeccably sharp. Remarkably considered. Our suite of content puts product front and center, yet flexes from minimal studio laydowns to naturally lit, honest lifestyle moments.

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James Brand Magazine
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Without which, not.

For Holiday 2017, we worked alongside the team at James to build a campaign centered around the idea of essentiality – highlighting brand attributes embodied in people we admire. Stories of versatility. Understated confidence. Capability and readiness. Curiosity. Adventure. Kindness. And the deep connections to the moments, people, and places which inspire us. 

James Brand Conner Fishing
James Brand Conner Guitar
James Brand Conner Mesh
James Brand Conner In Hand

“Off tour, sometimes it's nice to keep the garage shut for a few days, play guitar, garden, fish.”

— Conner Coffin / James Ambassador & Pro Surfer

James Brand Campaign Mag Spread
James Brand Campaign Phones

The James Brand embodies the spirit of everyday carry. Functional. Solid. Sharp. With a fresh touch of style. The refined details of the products themselves are reflected in all touchpoints of the brand identity and communications, speaking to skateboarders, outdoorsmen, and utilitarians with equal power and connection.

Our work with James has helped to break down the stereotypes of what a tool brand should be, carving out their own path within the knife industry. James is just getting started, and we can't wait to see where they go next.

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