Skies wide open.

Private aviation takes flight.

Stellar is bringing advanced thinking, revolutionary technology, and a fresh approach to the logistics of private air travel, an industry that currently relies heavily on more than twenty-year-old data and booking systems. By bridging the gap between operators and consumers, the team at Stellar is making travel by private jets simpler, faster, and easier than ever before.

The team at Stellar is the first in the industry to offer a complete digital transaction; booking a private flight is often time-consuming and laborious, involving multiple calls and emails between brokers. Leveraging years of industry experience with algorithms that optimize operator fleets and scheduling, Stellar locates and compiles available aircrafts and flight teams into one easily navigable marketplace. From availability and filtering to booking and payment, booking a flight is more seamless and streamlined than ever before.

Working in tandem with the team at Method, who was developing the mobile application, we helped Stellar to refine and expand their brand identity and bring their vision to life through a visual identity toolkit and updated digital experience.

Stellar Essence

Down to earth.

Stellar needed to craft the right marketing approach, tone of voice, and visual language to deliver key messages to operators and consumers. Our strategy revolved around simplifying the complexity of the system, grounding the messaging to reflect the ease of the booking process. We chose to avoid over the top language, breaking down the service in way that everyone could understand, speaking to both audiences in a transparent and value-based voice.

Stellar Vizid Header
Stellar Vizid Header Mobile
Visual Identity

New horizons.

The core of Stellar’s brand identity was previously established, but to take their position as the leader in private aviation a fresh approach was needed to communicate the core message of skies wide open. We built off the angles and curves of their “wing-tip” icon, defining a premium and considered use of the color palette into a toolkit and illustration style focusing on a premium yet clean, simple, and modern feel. A simple grid system and overlay structure helped us to portay endless possibilities alongside complex technical descriptions.

Stellar Vizid Icon Stellar Vizid Grid Gradient
Stellar Vizid Bwphoto Stellar Vizid Wide Blue
Stellar Vizid Pricing Stellar Vizid Photo

“The challenge was to balance a premium offering with simplicity, establishing luxury travel as a smarter business tool – presenting a smart, hassel-free option for young professionals visiting cities that may not be near a major airport.”

— Kirk James / Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Stellar Vizid Layers 1
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Stellar Vizid Layers 3
Digital Experience

Chart your own path.

Our approach was driven by premium interactive storytelling and video to deliver the key messages of awareness, education, trust, top-tier service, and best-in-class support. SVG animations helped the site to load quickly while delivering high definition experiences that make complex ideas simple and digestible. The unique format also increased fidelity on desktop and mobile, providing a seamless user-experience across touchpoints.

Stellar Web Home Day
Stellar Web News 2
Stellar Web Operators

Establishing Stellar as the premium and convenient alternative in the industry provided a tool that has helped the brand to build equity over time, while making a splash in a crowded space with a differentiated messaging strategy and visual presence.

We focused on developing content driven stories, presented in a clean and modern style and viewable at the same fidelity on both desktop and mobile, providing a consistent message across mediums has helped Stellar connect with an audience that is always on the go.

The elevated presentation and tailored messaging for consumers and operators has helped capture the innovative nature of their brand and positioned them as holistic player offering an entirely new platform and product in a space that will continue to grow.

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