The Attack

Changing faster.

The experience is everything. From the day Dr. Smith created the world's first fog-free goggle to stay outside when other's couldn't, Smith's core mission has been to simplify the tools and enhance the thrill of the ride. The brand has a deep history of pioneering advancements in interchangeable lenses across both the sun and snow categories – helping you stay out longer, push further, and go faster.

Smith's proprietary ChromaPop lens technology provides unbeatable clarity and detail, while interchangeable lenses help you dial in your needs for whatever the day throws your way. This emphasis on innovation has delivered a distinct performance advantage that continues to be relevant in competitive cycling today.

For 2017, they were looking to continue the evolutions of their pinnacle tech in an updated and more intuitive form. We worked closely with Smith's internal team to design an architecture for the future – improving on their existing interchange system to reduce distortion in the lens and improve the user experience.

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Re-thinking interchange.

Existing interchange solutions rely on multi-step mechanisms and put undue stress on the lens. Our challenge was to protect the optical clarity while making the interchange process as intuitive as possible.

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Smith MAG™.

Magnets allow for the lock to automatically engage, while internal features prevent the temple from opening when the glasses are worn. Close the temple and a simple lever can be rotated to disengage the lock. You can be sure it will never unlock when in use and will always open easily when you need it to.

Smith Attack Exploded

“We designed this solution based on real world use case scenarios, landing on a new architecture focused on structural integrity and seamless interaction.”

— Matt Capozzi / Director of Product Experience

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Final Design

Max speed.

Faster, easier, and more dependable. The docks for the temples are built onto the lens, while the temples themselves house the latch and hinge mechanisms. Isolating the mechanism from the lens protects it from the stresses of attachment. It all comes together to keep your focus where it should be: the road ahead.

Since it came on the market, the updated Attack has brought a new level of effortless interchange to the Smith brand, making the act of swapping lenses easier than ever.

The solution that we designed leverages a game-changing magnetic system to snap the temples onto the lens to make the interchange process as effortless and fast as possible. All of this in a form factor that moves the Smith brand to the front of the pack.

Riding with the right lens can not only make or break your day, but can also make the difference between being on the podium or in the crowd. With the Smith Attack MAG, changing lenses will never distract from your competitive mental state. 


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