Innovation amplifies awesome.

More than 50 years in, Smith remains devoted to advancing outdoor performance. The brand re-defines categories season after season because they’re in the business of beating the last thing done. Smith’s products are designed and created to be an extension of the goers and doers living life outside to the fullest – intuitive solutions to real world problems for the people that inspire us to live life beyond walls.

Smith’s two core technologies, ChromaPop lens innovation and Koroyd integrated helmets, are best in category, yet Smith needed to better communicate their true value – tools that fuel elevated experiences. The challenge was to speak to people who want a performance edge while delivering proof points with character and refined style. This new campaign had to be ultra-clear in its message, yet flexible enough to reach consumers from social to retail and everywhere in-between.

We needed to find a balance between the science and the fun it fuels – quickly and clearly communicating the benefits without alienating the brand’s lifestyle audience. An in-depth audit of the landscape revealed that most competitors were leading with product demonstrations or talking about competitive advantage. We looked outside the industry for inspiration, developing campaign concepts that leveraged visual metaphors, capturing the takeaways while re-enforcing one of Smith’s core beliefs – that innovation amplifies awesome.

Smith Tech Header
Smith Tech Strategy Header Mobile

Worlds apart.

Across the industry, the majority of brands were leaning into comparisons, demonstrations, and competitive advantages – yet the typical before / after photo demonstrations felt stale. We looked to examples across categories, exploring ways to visualize the product benefits that focused less on how, and more on why. The campaign had to not just show the results, but why they matter – while reinforcing the brand promise: that the experience is everything.

Smith Tech Messaging Slider

Universally understood,
strikingly beautiful.

The content we created for ChromaPop brought a new take on the typical “through the lens” product comparison, drawing a through-line from the metaphor of detail and enhanced natural color to the specific categories of featured product. With Koroyd, we addressed the elephant in the room with a positive outlook and irreverence, while getting straight to the heart of the product benefit.

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All or nothing.

Smith’s wide-ranging marketing efforts meant we had communicate the big idea, benefit, and details across a myriad of touchpoints – from social to digital, print to retail. We utilized an attract, engage, connect framework that conveyed main points at a glance while providing more information as the audience dug in further. The style and tone needed to be consistent for Koroyd and ChromaPop, yet flexible enough to support the unique needs of each.

Smith Tech Mag Mockup Snow 2
Smith Tech Campaign Phones
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In updating Smith's approach to highlighting their proprietary technologies, we needed to communicate key product benefits of ChromaPop and Koroyd while raising awareness and excitement around key products. Our work with the internal team at Smith helped to develop a framework that organized messaging and creative around ChromaPop and Koroyd as the core drivers behind elevated experiences.

The campaign made a splash across social, web, and retail, drawing viewers in and providing clearly stated proof points as they dug in further. Many thanks to our friends and partners at Korb who helped to create stunning visuals that really brought these ideas to life. We look forward to continuing to partner with Smith as they challenge the status quo.

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