A new vibe.

A modular display for the roamers and seekers.

If you like to get outside, but aren’t planning a trek to the summit anytime soon, Poler Outdoor Stuff makes gear that’s right up your alley. The every-day-adventure brand has created their own niche – encouraging us not only to get out, but to enjoy the experience and the journey.

As they continue to grow, they needed a display framework adaptable to a wide range of retail spaces, from national chains to smaller boutique shops. Cinco stepped in to help expand their brand ecosystem through a modular, camp-vibe-inspired display.

We had to create something that wasn’t so distinct that it would be rejected by major retailers, yet still capture Poler’s sense of humor. Another key point was to highlight the function of one of their most popular (and comfortable) products, the Napsack. We focused on using brand thinking to drive form and finish; incorporating references to camping through our material choices, then developing a modular framework capable of displaying a wide range of offerings.

Polerstuff Fixture Rendering
Retail Display

An evergreen solution.

The modular nature of the tent-pole-style frame allowed the system to break down with a reduced packaging footprint while offering multiple constructions. Layered on-product communications ensure that seasonal messages can be integrated without a re-design of the system for each season.

Through our considered approach we were able to create a system that’s instantly recognizable as a Poler fixture. Subtle references to their brand story allowed us to solve the challenges elegantly without alienating retailers with more strict guidelines.

Cinco’s ability to think about current needs while planning for future transformation helped Poler to merchandise more items than they initially expected, providing an opportunity to seamlessly scale into bigger retailers with deeper buys.

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