Cyclops Headlamp

A beacon of campvibes.

Poler is putting a much-welcomed injection of fun back into everyday exploring – helping get more people out to more places. It’s a movement built on inclusion and participation, balanced with a hefty dose of personality and individuality. Their adventurous spirit drives a continual search for products that can raise your vibes to mystic proportions.

When camping, it’s essential to be able to find your buds without blinding them, but still examine that rustle in the bushes or find the last beer at the bottom of the cooler. Poler came to Cinco for help in updating their existing headlamp by translating their Cyclops icon into a literal beacon of #campvibes. Our goal was to find that perfect balance between Poler’s light-hearted sense of humor and elevating the function of a headlamp with intuitive features and tech.

The challenge centered around how to bring a flat icon to life while creating a playful and insightful user experience. We set out to give the Cyclops a bit of personality as a physical product while making sure that it aligned naturally with Poler’s personality. By introducing a softer form and fur detailing we were able to instill the icon with a unique character.

Poler Headlamp Closeup Extended V1
Poler Headlamp Process Header

Make it real.

We began by focusing on the user and highlighting essential features – sketching various form factors, exploring a number of construction and style options. It was crucial that we could quickly bring our sketches into rough 3-D prototypes to help us refine proportions and surfaces and dial in the details of the form.

Makerbot 3-D prints created in-house allowed us to iteratively fine tune form and fit to create a dynamic surface that mimics soft fur, giving the Cyclops a fun personality with insightful modes to suit multiple use cases.

“Our goal was to find that perfect balance between Poler’s light-hearted sense of humor and elevating the function of a headlamp with intuitive features and tech.”

— Beverly Moon / Creative Director - Product

The resulting final product is fun and approachable, yet surprisingly intuitive. We merged the brand’s ethos with a fresh take on a tool that’s often taken for granted, applying a hands-on production process while collaborating with Poler’s internal team. The clip on the back of the strap is modeled after snow goggles, allowing for easy removal and the ability to be clipped to your bag, tent, or favorite tree. Three simple modes provide ambient light, a targeted beam, or both.

The distinct branding and form make the headlamp instantly recognizable as a Poler accessory, while incorporating subtle touches that allow it to fit seamlessly into their product line. Our product team was able to push the envelope and bring a smart and fresh take on an oft-overlooked camping essential. We look forward to continuing to help our partners at Poler make the outdoors a little more fun.

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