Bursting with fun.

Teaching an educational tech toy to play harder.

It’s an exciting time to be a kid. Technology enables toys and games to come to life in whole new ways, and carry imaginations in ways never before possible. Osmo’s gaming system blurs the line between tech and toy; between education and fun. They’d won the hearts of parents, several awards, and placement in over 30,000 schools across North America. Kids loved their unique brand of fun.

Osmo came to Cinco with a brief to feature their most popular starter products—the Genius Kit and Creative Kit—in broadcast spots for the holidays. We quickly realized that if we wanted to make something for 5 - 9 year olds, we had to stop thinking like parents and get into the minds of kids.

As we started our strategy phase, we also began a regiment of young fun: watching the Kids' Choice Awards, listening to Anamanaguchi, and playing Osmo with kids to get honest reactions. The result is a set of fresh spots that helped Osmo sell out all their inventory for the 2018 holidays.

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Osmo Mobile Square 1

Bring the BOOM.

Osmo’s fresh mix of digital and tangible play was super fresh and fun. Osmo helped us flag their best boom moments—the places where digital and physical play intertwined in delightful new ways. Our job was to makes these boom moments come to life in bigger, more memorable ways.

“We used the music count-off to quickly explain how Osmo works. Click, click, click, the pieces are assembled, the audience gets the gist, and then it's onto the fun!”

— Prescott Harvey / Senior Copywriter

“From the beginning, we wanted Osmo's vibrant identity to play a key role. We started thinking about how color would influence the spot in even the first round of storyboards.”

— Scott Cook / Creative Director

Storyboards Mobile

Putting the pieces together.

A key part of the brief was elevating our boom moments, and sound had to play a big role. We needed a custom track that could hit five crescendos in thirty seconds, and still be catchy as heck. We partnered with Antfood to explore a variety of custom music tracks that amplified our boom moments.

Mickey Drawings Small
Broadcast / digital spot

Unifying the campaign.

Osmo's second spot featured a new product, Super Studio. We had to create a through-line between both spots so they felt like a unified campaign, despite vastly different budgets. We ended up using bold color and a similar narrative structure to make the two spots feel part of the same world.

Post Production

Putting the pieces together.

We always think in systems, and as we moved into post-production, we wanted to give Osmo not just motion content, but assets and identity that could be used beyond TV. To give the campaign a boost, we shot everything so assets could be re-purposed for social, digital, and beyond.

“We had to get into that giddy, sugar-rush headspace. Which meant watching lots of Jojo Siwa.”

— Scott Cook / Creative Director

Osmo Endcard Pjh

DJ Marshmellow helped keep the on-set vibes alive.

To get into the minds of kids, we dove deep into Osmo's gameplay and elevated their biggest moments across two different spots. In testing, kids not only recalled Osmo, they picked them as a preferred Christmas gift and even leapt out of chairs to dance along to the spot. Osmo aired on Nick Jr. and Disney across the United States and in Australia. The spot was so effective, Osmo did better than expected, selling out all its 2018 inventory. Big thanks to our VFX partners Minimal Massive, our music partners Antfood, and sound design partners Digital One for achieving this major win.

Meanwhile, Cinco is busy moving on to Osmo packaging and other touchpoints, applying our learnings from the broadcast spot to position Osmo for even greater success in 2019.

More fun to come. Until then, happy holidays Osmo!

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