20 years of killing time.

Partners from a grassroots startup to a global brand.

The founders at Nixon got in the game to address the lack of a watch that could stand up to the lifestyle of their team, without sacrificing the attitude they represent. For years, they've worked to create the distinction, attention to detail, and irreverence that they want to see in the world. To this day, that passion still sets Nixon apart.

Over time, our work with Nixon has focused on carefully considering every aspect, feature, and experience to help bring the personality of their collective team to life. We stay true to their guiding principle of team-designed, custom-built by always starting with insights from Nixon athletes, artists, and designers to gain perspective on what’s next. When tasked with designing products and experiences for the team at Nixon, we start from scratch to help create a completely custom product and experience every time.

At Cinco, we pride ourselves on creating innovative modern products and experiences that are built for us and our friends. In designing the Nixon identity, our challenge was to create the tools that have helped set their foundation. By constantly pushing the limits, Nixon has grown to become a cultural leader to a discerning crowd, spanning two decades in categories that see brands come and go year after year.

Nixon Mc Crank
Nixon Mc Crank Mobile
Nixon Wordmark Hero Black
Nixon Wordmark Mobile
Nixon Ad Curren
Brand Identity

Essential. Clean. Refined.

The Nixon identity allows the brand’s products and experiences to speak for themselves. It’s a workhorse, readable at micro size on product and holding its own at billboard scale. The icon references the wings of time, encircling the negative space in the center to connote an hourglass as a reminder to make the most of every moment.

Nixon Vizid Icon Schematic
Nixon Schematic Mobile
Nixon Vizid Watch Profile
Nixon Watch Profile Mobile
Nixon Comp Header 2
Product Design

Clean, simple geometry.

Progressive, innovative, and correct. The products we design for Nixon exude irreverence through the details with a core DNA that is crisp, clean, and modern in an industry cluttered with superfluous add-ons. A constant considered approach has enabled us to always bring a fresh perspective as time and technology have evolved.

Nixon New Soldiers 1
Nixon Soldiers Mobile 1
Nixon New Soldiers 2
Nixon Soldiers Mobile 2

We make the little shit better.

Nixon New Soldiers 3
Nixon Soldiers Mobile 4
Nixon New Soldiers 4
Nixon Soldiers Mobile 3

“We utilize all the tools available to design, visualize, and refine every detail of every product we create.”

— Matt Capozzi / Director of Product Experience

Nixon Audio Test 4
Nixon Audio Profile Seamless
Nixon Headphones Mobile
Nixon Campaign Header

Irreverent emotional moments.

Minimal. Crisp. Clean. And always fresh. Over the years the voice, layouts, and toolkits we've worked on with the incredible team of photographers and designers at Nixon have helped to cement their core message. Our collective goal is to always deliver captivating content, irreverent moments, and capture the unique personality of the team.

“We focus on emotional and personal moments, bringing flavor from the team to every expression of the brand.”

— Kirk James / Principal and Chief Creative Officer

Nixon Pop

With every product, brand campaign, or retail environment that we work on, we continue to help the team at Nixon leverage the original strategy and brand approach that they set down 20 years ago – to bring a distinct design perspective with a progressive mindset, never sacrificing their emphasis on simplistic function and rock-solid performance.

20 years after they started in an Encinitas kitchen, Nixon remains synonymous with high quality, refined products measuring against the best accessories brands in the world. Our mission when working with the internal product and design teams at Nixon remains the same. To help them find that Nixon twist, that fleeting emotional moment – a fresh take no one else thought of – all while adding in the voice and personality of a generation to create distinction and an aspirational connection.

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