Forging new territory.

Merging passion with innovation.

Elevating the athletic experience is the driving force behind everything that Nike does, but snowboarders are motivated by different forces than your typical athlete. Kids growing up riding their local hill are often far more concerned with what their favorite rider is wearing than the technical function of the product itself.

With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, Nike was looking to establish themselves as a world leader in winter sports and connect to an entirely new audience. We led their first seasonal directive for snowboarding by highlighting ground-breaking product features and elevating the self-taught, scrappy nature of the sport and its heroes.

The opportunity for Nike as an outsider was to bring a new wave of product technology built on everything they’ve learned from other categories. We worked collaboratively with their internal design team to define the brand story through the lens of innovative products and the riders who are using them to shape the future of the sport. We set out to break down the common stereotype of snowboarders as lazy goofballs and highlight the athlete’s stories by revealing their tenacious nature and die-hard work ethic with a personal and intimate approach.

Nike Snow Sage Slash
Nike Snow Vizid Header
Visual Language

Clean. Raw. And Real.

Our visual center provided the ability to add in elements to ramp up the emotion while pairing well with the various tiers of product offerings. A wide range of assets fit within seasonal story while being able to hero top-line product.

Nike Snow Vizid Austin Nike Snow Vizid Snow Texture
Nike Snow Vizid Footprint Nike Snow Vizid Boot Imprint
Nike Snow Vizid Jacket Detail Nike Snow Vizid Jacket Text
Nike Snow Campaign Header 2

Athlete, product, action.

We created a modularly scalable campaign comprised of multiple configurations, using two page spreads to showcase athletes and their signature products. Different levels of intensity in the visual style were able to seamlessly pair with both tier 1 and tier 2 products.

Nike Snowboarding Print
Nike Snow Content Header

Light & bright.

Our motion and photography assets create environments to build stories around the product. Choosing to construct everything physically allowed the sets to convey raw authenticy. 

Nike Snow Retail Header

Bringing the heat to retail.

Our content and campaign approach enabled a natural transition of the larger seasonal idea to retail environments as the language was already designed to be physical. From storefronts to initiative zones, we used light and texture to highlight key product features.

Nike Snow Never Not Header
Video Direction

Passion for progression.

In developing "Never Not", Nike wanted to create a film that would engage and inspire the core snowboarding community, while at the same time, help new audiences understand and appreciate the intense work that their athletes put into progressing the sport. 

Nike Snow Never Not Text Seamless
Nike Snow Team Portraits All

From video, print ads, digital and social activations, to retail and ISPO tradeshow booth design, we handled each and every aspect of Nike Snowboarding communications. The seasonal directive and film were greatly received and still hold a major presence in both print ads and digital spaces.

This was the most ambitious seasonal campaign Nike Snowboarding had ever seen, cementing their commitment to street riders and urban heroes and setting the stage for Nike's dominance in the Winter Olympics.