No off days.

Nike makes football a year-round proposition.

Nike is constantly pushing the envelope – perpetually seeking the perfect balance of innovation, speed, comfort, and style – across a wide range of sports, categories, and consumers. For Summer '16, Nike Football sought to create new energy and awareness across three distinct product silos; Vapor, Alpha, and Strike.

In partnership with Nike's internal brand team, we worked upstream to explore multiple creative themes that supported their drive to capture football as a year-round proposition. Our team helped craft the creative direction, strategy, and photo and video style that helped influence their upcoming campaigns.

For this shoot, Nike Football athlete Amari Cooper – the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders, coming off a breakout rookie season – possessed the perfect mix of speed, power, and die-hard work ethic to highlight key product features and the spirit behind the line. We worked with the team at Nike to define a set of iconic training moments highlighting the product innovation.

Nike Football Header
Nike Football Essence With Text

Real contact, raw emotion.

We worked with various partners to create a suite of photo and video assets; from hero to detail product shots. Recreating in game scenarios with full speed competition and light contact set the stage for raw, authentic moments that highlighted key products and Cooper's athleticism.

“Our goal was to hero the discipline it takes to compete at this level, and how that attention to detail translates to game day.”

— Travis Hanour / Creative Director - Motion

At football's highest level, championships are won in February – but they're earned in July. The players who are dedicated to their craft don't stop after their season ends, they use real competition in the lead up to training camp to push themselves beyond expectations. Putting the time in over the summer equates to wins in the fall.

The look and feel we helped craft captured the spirit of a new breed of football – so fast that if you blink you might miss it, yet never short on the grind it out, every-down, every-day mentality.

As the new visual style continues to roll out, we look forward to helping the team at Nike Football continue to dominate on – and off – the field.

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