Microsoft - HoloLens 2

Putting reality to work.

The true challenge at hand required shifting the story of HoloLens from a device for the living room to one that belonged on the factory floor and beyond. Being authentic to the industry while romancing the magic of holograms in the key art was vital. The final result was a unified approach that was aspirational while staying true to the product promise.

  • Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Guidelines
  • Campaigns
Microdoft Sydney Developer
Microsoft Hololens 2 headset on a black background

Utility made beautiful.

We partnered with Microsoft’s marketing and design teams to build a system that could stand alone, yet pair nicely with other Microsoft groups’ grid systems, color palettes, and type standards. This was all packaged into a concise set of guides that could be used by designers and non-designers alike. In the end, we were able to shape a unified message and visual language for the brand to activate on.

3 print posters for advertising HoloLens 2
Low-poly 3d map graphic

Merging the real and virtual.

We set out to craft a series of complex holographic images integrated into hard-working UX scenarios, first studying audiences and industries to get a better understanding of the relevant stories to tell. We then immersed ourselves in the essence of holograms to ensure we dialed the right amount of physicality. In the end, we directed and produced a content library empowering marketers to share the story in a clear and elegant way.

Doctor examining a model of a spine using HoloLens 2