Microsoft - DigiGirlz

Getting girls into tech.

Microsoft DigiGirlz has been inspiring girls* all over the globe to consider a career in tech for 20 years—and is a program that’s still going strong. Cinco partnered with the team to refresh their visual language and messaging to help define a tone and expression that’s more relevant to the modern teenager, as well as align to the evolved Microsoft Brand system.

*Anyone who identifies as female regardless of assignment at birth. Microsoft DigiGirlz program also welcomes people who identify as non-binary. Although this program’s focus is girls, all are welcome to attend regardless of gender identity.

  • Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Voice
  • Guidelines
  • Campaigns
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Campaign Strategy
DigiGirlz poster wall in a city
Picture of a woman with the text "let's make the future, together"
"We want to show girls there’s a creative, fun side of tech."
Ortho layout of DigiGirlz flyers
Lamp post banners
T-shirt design
DigiGirlz event badge