Look on the bright side.

Taking luxury back.

Hungry was born from a lust for life – an unwavering desire to live to the fullest and explore new ways to progress. From the very beginning, they set out to re-imagine the sunglass industry by delivering affordable yet superior products direct to consumers, breaking the mold and cutting out the middle man.

For every pair of frames, we utilize the highest quality acetate, the same factories that produce the best sunglasses in the world, and scrutinize every detail. By shipping direct, we're able to deliver a luxurious feel, refined style, and an anti-establishment attitude for a fraction of the cost.

Our belief was that not all frames are created equal, and that we could get consumer the highest quality shades available, at a price that left money in their wallet. We worked directly with the team at Hungry to develop their brand identity, go-to-market strategy, product line, and marketing campaigns; helping to bring the finest handmade acetate frames straight to you, for less.

Hungry Brand Id 1
Hungry Logo Hero
Hungry Wordmark Mobile
Hungry Stacked Wordmark
Brand Identity

Something greater.

Our icon builds off the “greater than” symbol as a statement to Hungry’s mission to deliver an uncommon value: more for less.

Hungry Product Lunar Blue
Product Design

Break the mold.

We live beyond the masses – with an enduring style that bucks stereotypes and defies convention. Our product designs deliver a modern take on classic silhouettes using handmade Japanese acetate and premium stainless steel details. Our end goal was always the same, to merge premium with style and make it accessible.

Hungry Product Hero
Hungry Product Hero Mobile
Hungry Su15 Nicole The Mad Dans Gloss Tortoise 02 2560
Hungry Sean James
Hungry Demetrius Yellow

“From line planning and sketching to detailed builds, our design process explored every aspect.”

— Matt Capozzi / Director of Product Experience

Hungry Su15 Cece The Kellys Gloss Tortoise 2560Px
Hungry Su15 Madison The Mad Dans Matte Tortoise 2560
Hungry Product Family
Hungry Print Campaign

Always summer somewhere.

Established in Melbourne and designed in Portland, we created a fitting house style that could span the globe. We combined premium style with a disruptive attitude, showcasing the product through memorable personalities that are both stunning and unexpected. From social to print and digital marcom, we created a simple yet sophisticated visual language that was on-point without ever being uptight.

Hungry Campaign 2
Hungry Social Mailers
Hungry Mailer Mobile

The brand and product line we created offers a fresh, modern take on classic shapes; painstakingly designed to offer a diverse range of silhouettes while hanging together as a distinct collection. Every aspect of the brand identity and product is rebellious, mischievous, and entitled– always in the moment, and that moment is now.

With the brand based in both Melbourne, Australia and Portland, Oregon we needed a multi-season global campaign that didn't skimp on style and attitude. To get the look we collaborated with photographer Kevin Focht, capturing artists, chefs, photographers and emerging actors who embody the brand's spirit.

A year in, our ethos remains the same. Everything we do is anchored in a belief that barriers are meant to be broken, and that we can eliminate the obstacles set by others. We set out to achieve something greater, delivering enduring style that bucks stereotypes and defies convention. Demand more, now. Leave no stone unturned. Stay hungry.

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