Good morning.

A smarter light for a smoother day.

The sun comes up, birds sing and our days begin. At sunset we naturally begin to unwind. It's how we’re wired. Add kids, work, traffic, deadlines, alerts, posts, on-demand this, always-on that, and finding our rhythm is harder than ever. In our constantly connected, always-moving, ever-changing lives, we believe a little streamlining goes a long, long way.

For the past year our team at Cinco has been exploring concepts for more natural ways to keep our rhythm. We wanted to wake up rested and fall asleep effortlessly, to find ways to help our kids be more comfortable at night, and our teens to keep their days on track. We wanted reminders and alerts to be welcome moments of delight. To stay in-tune without always checking the clock. Less beeps. Less buzzers. Less stress.

The result is Hora. A smarter light that smooths out our day. It started with a simple idea – use light and sound to help manage time naturally. We were inspired by the shifting of the sun and moon, the soundscape of nature, and that feeling of collecting fireflies in jars and falling asleep to crickets. We set out to create a seamless hardware and software experience that could capture that feeling effortlessly.

As our designs often do, we started with less, and then took away even more. It had to be so simple and intuitive that it needed no instructions. So simple a baby could use it. So beautiful everyone would want to. It had to fit perfectly in our homes yet follow us anywhere, and use our favorite materials in magical ways. It had to be intelligent, wireless, welcome, and fun. In the end, it had to make our lives a little easier.

Hora In Hand
Hora Wordmark Hero Black Timelight
Hora Wordmark Mobile
Hora Profile
Hora Topview Seamless 3
Product Design

Simply smart.

A digital lantern with a mind all its own. A beautifully tuned speaker tucked within. Motion controls without a button in sight.

Hora Family Seamless 4
Hora Off Base

Yes, it’s a bulb. But it’s more than a light.

Magic moments.

Hora was created to deliver brighter rise-and-shines. Backyard adventures. Night-time reading. Ease little ones back to sleep. Timers that make us smile. Gentler reminders. Sleepier bedtimes. Dreamier dreamtimes. All in one.

Just the essentials.

Circle. Line. Sphere. Cone. Soft light. Natural palettes. Digital tuning. Bright enough to fill a room. Small enough for a child’s hand.

Hora App Circles
Hora App Phonein Hand3
Digital Experience

Time. Light. Sound. Go.

Nothing more than a smarter light switch. An easier alarm. A simpler calendar. A no-nonsense palette of color and sound. Essential tools that read at a glance and work just like they should.

“Looking beautiful is always nice.
Working beautifully is what matters.”

— Beverly Moon / Creative Director - Product

For us Hora was a test. A way of channeling the thinking, creativity, and energy of the entire Cinco team. From concept to design, brand to content, prototype to programming, every design group within the studio contributed. In the end its design has outperformed even the best thinking of the original concept. Our team proved that collaboration can unlock better ideas and solve technical and creative challenges in new ways. We started with a goal to improve real everyday moments in our homes  – today it’s a series of patents pending and a platform for expanding on.

Innovation begins with curiousity and different perspectives focusing on a common challenge. Our team brings that collaborative thinking to every partnership, and in turn, everything we do. Our goal – as always – is to make the solutions to difficult challenges deceivingly simple.

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