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Re-imagining energy for a generation on the move.

Gogoro is taking on some of the greatest challenges of the world’s biggest cities by re-thinking the way we use and share energy – putting power in the hands of everyone. They set out to create the most advanced scooters in the world fueled by the most intelligent energy network. The entire system is cleaner, smarter, easier, and more fun to use. With one swift move their innovations are transforming an industry, revolutionizing the grid, and helping entire communities move forward, faster.

Together we partnered to build the brand and prepare the launch of the Gogoro Smartscooter™ and Gogoro Energy Network™. Our team led the development of their brand platform, defining their identity and bringing it to life across the full spectrum of customer experiences in their pilot market, the mega-city of Taipei.

The challenge from the start was to craft a truly global brand that would speak to progressive urban commuters across the world. We quickly looked beyond regional influences to tap into something more universal. Simplicity. Performance. Premium details. Accessibility. It became clear early on that to inspire riders to pursue sustainable change through electric vehicles, we had to ensure them that there would be simply no compromising the overall experience or the thrill of the ride. We had to set an all-new standard for riding electric and help give their movement direction.

Gogoro Dash Gradient 2
Gogoro Wordmark
Gogoro Wordmark Mobile
Gogoro Burnout
Visual Language

Performance first.

In considering green technology, people want to make a positive impact, but often are not willing to compromise. Gogoro had to be better, faster, and more exciting in every way. We focused on making the eco choice nothing short of awesome.

Quicker Module Gogoro Front Black
Gogoro Trip Gradient Gogoro Icon Balanced Grey
Gogoro Rider Gogoro Suspension Front
Gogoro Type Specimen Gogoro Icon Cloud
Powerloop Icon Hero
Gogoro Powerloop Mobile

Clear, fresh, and energized.

Gogoro Key Art White
Gogoro Dash Colors
Gogoro Open White
Gogoro All Parts Seamless Cropped
Gogoro Digital Tablet
Digital Experience

Faster. Smarter. Easier. All you.

Gogoro’s website brings their ethos to life by going deep into their core benefits: high performance design, a smarter product experience, ease of the energy network, and rich customization. From there we streamlined the path to shop, build, and buy direct.

Visit gogoro.com

Gogoro Desktop Part1 B
Gogoro Desktop Part2 B

“Every detail – inside and out – makes a difference. We wanted to celebrate design at every level.”

— Austin Ezzell / UX Lead

Gogoro Digital Mobile 2
Gogoro Retail Hero
Retail Environment

Up close and personal.

Part store, part experience center, our approach to retail helped customers see the difference. We integrated technology and hands-on installations throughout, highlighted by a super-panoramic digital wall that brings product stories to life in all-new ways.

Gogoro Retail Layout
Gogoro Retail Outside

“Standing out in Taipei is no easy task. To cut through the clutter we simply stripped down to the essentials.”

— Kirk James / Principal and Chief Creative Officer

Gogoro Campaign Social 1

The launch campaign generated a wealth of excitement and energy for the brand; from crowded store openings and standing room only weekends to half-day waits at test drive events. The website launched to a global audience that’s already vying for the brand to extend to their cities and has been awarded and recognized by FWA and beyond. To top it all off, Gogoro was selected as a Best of CES for 2015 and a top innovation brand in 2016.

The brand’s story has been picked up consistently by mainstream press and shared by key insiders, paving the way for success in Taipei and providing momentum for their upcoming expansion to Amsterdam in 2016. A year in and we’re all just getting started. The best is yet to come.     

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