It’s Showtime.

Legends are born under the lights.

Sport's biggest championships all have one thing in common; they're played in primetime under the lights. For the 2018 EA SPORTS season, we set out to capture the energy and feel of those moments athletes work a lifetime to reach. The moments where it's all or nothing—when everything is on the line.

In collaboration with EA, we established the line look for all the 2018 titles. We wanted to build on the success of the 2017 campaign while pushing things even further, creating the most aspirational and cinematic visuals the EA SPORTS brand has ever seen.

3 Lets Go
Visual Language

The greatest of all time.

With Tom Brady fresh off a historic Super Bowl victory, we had the perfect athlete to capture the intensity and glory of primetime. In two game editions, we showcased both the stoic play-caller ready to step on the field, and the energetic team leader ready to win.


A cinematic approach.

This year, our motion shoot was focused on the intensity and emotion of our athletes during big time games. Tighter shots, higher frames per second, and cinematic lighting let us bring fans right into the action with their favorite players. 

Design System

Flex to fit.

We created a modular and intuitive design system, capable of adapting to any touchpoint across the globe. Inspired by the lines on the field of play, our system set EA up for easy and consistent replication throughout the year.

5 All Guys

An epic photoshoot.

We partnered with the supremely talented photographer Rafael Astorga to shoot five athletes over four days. Our team worked alongside EA to concept shots and visual style, then direct our all-star lineup to give a playoff worthy performance.  

“This year was all about creating images that would capture the passion, energy, and emotion that the EA SPORTS brand is known for. We wanted to outdo what had come before and build something truly epic.”

— Terence Hobson / Art Director - Brand

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Out of Home


EA Play acted as the global unveiling of Tom Brady as the Madden 2018 cover athlete. As part of the announcement, we dove into our suite of assets to create billboard placements, bringing Brady and the other biggest names in sports to the streets of Los Angeles. 

Madden Mobile

On the go.

With EA SPORTS mobile titles' rising popularity, we took a fresh look at how they fit into our design system. A more vibrant and graphic visual than the console version allowed us to still center around emotional expression, while standing out and exciting our players at every interaction.

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4 Mobile On Devices Sml
1 Fifa Announce

A unified brand experience.

With a range of sports that all have a unique look and feel, we needed to weave a consistent style through all the individual titles. Whether online or in-store, we unified the brand expression to make it immediately recognizable as EA SPORTS.

Packfronts Sml
Style Guide

Around the world.

We collaborated with the EA Global Creative team to strategize, define, and provide guidance on how to use the 2018 assets throughout the year. Our simple, easy to follow guidelines allowed the EA SPORTS brand to carry the primetime feel across the hundreds of ads, billboards, in-store signage, and TV spots, no matter where they appeared.

Style Guiedes

EA SPORTS remains an industry leader, collaborating with the world's greatest athletes to make the world's greatest games. We were thrilled to continue our partnership with them and create the most star studded line look to date.

Our work with the EA team and cover athletes captured a level of emotion and excitement that pushed the EA SPORTS brand to new heights, bringing fans closer to the game than ever before.