Larger than life.

EA SPORTS takes it to another level.

For the 2017 season of releases, EA SPORTS set out to bring players further into the action than ever before. Technology has been evolving at breakneck speed – we are now watching and playing as our favorite teams and athletes in ultra-HD, 8K, 10,000 frames per second quality – allowing us to see the most epic moments played out from every angle, with unprecedented clarity and fidelity.

The challenge in creating this year's line look was how to match the high-definition quality and breadth of our viewing experiences on gameday – while capturing the raw emotion and intensity of the Madden and FIFA fanbases. To up the level of expressiveness, we collaborated with the internal team at EA SPORTS to create a gritty, hyper-clear look and feel that spanned titles and reflected the acceleration of technology behind their games. In addition, we had to capture their commitment to be the most realistic and authentic sport gaming experience in the world – celebrating some of the world’s best athletes, biggest play makers, and superstars in a way that reflects their heroic personas.

Our approach was all about creating a front row, immersive look at the moments that live forever, change perceptions of what’s possible, and send fans into near-delirium – the moments that transcend sports and find their way into popular culture. Capturing the feeling of being a part of the action became our touchstone throughout the year as we produced hundreds of pieces of content ranging from key art, packaging, photography, and retail to advertising, live events and video.

Eas Madden Gronk Essence
Eas Madden Gronk Essence Mobile
Eas Madden Vizid Beautyshot
Eas Madden Gronk Hero Mobile
Visual Language

Front and center.

The toolkits of key art, visual guidelines, and supporting images we created dial the resolution and atmosphere up to the maximum. The breadth of assets allows intense energy and emotion to be expressed across social, packaging, video, and motion graphics; always putting the viewer front and center, drawing them into the moment.

Eas 2017 Madden Medallion
Eas 2017 Madden Specimen Bottom 1
Eas 2017 Fifa Specimen

“This year was all about getting the viewer as close as possible to the action, athletes, moments and sports they love.”

— Terence Hobson / Art Director - Brand

Eas Packfronts All
Eas Madden Gamepack Mobile
Eas Phone Mockups Seamless 1
Eas Fifa Phone Mobile
Eas 2017 Madden Web 2
Eas 2017 Madden Web Mobile
Eas Madden Content Header

Lock down coverage.

Our photo and video shoots spanned teams, sports, and continents to cover every angle, signature move, and game-changing scenario. We partnered with photographer Rafael Astorga to create content that displayed the duality of the world's premier athletes – the grit and attitude of on-field action versus the pure beauty and grace of their athleticism and skill.

Eas Madden Gurley Hurdle
Eas Madden Brown Dive
Eas Madden Gronk Miller
Eas Fifa Group Ka 1

Hands down, EA SPORTS creates the best games in the business, and it does so because of how in-tune it is with fans' desire to have deeper, more immersive experiences in the games that they love.

Our strategy and approach allowed us to put our audience in the front row, highlight new features and experiences in gameplay, and capture a heightened level of emotion and energy across a variety of titles and mediums. The intensity and emotion of the look we created with EA SPORTS firmly places their brand alongside the biggest names in sports; and the battle for who graces the covers of Madden and FIFA gets more intense year after year.

This project was an opportunity that all creatives would relish – create content that depicts the biggest names from the world's most popular sports in a fresh, epic way. Our collaboration with EA SPORTS continues to evolve, always bringing fans closer to where they want to be – in the game.