Perspectives: Product Design.

Process driven.

Cinco Product Team here, if you've been following along with our social takeover over the past two weeks, stoked to have you along for the ride! If not, we're excited to offer a look into our perspective and process on a few of our recent projects.

We see a brand's products as the physical incarnation and most tangible representation of its fundamental values. As product designers, we have a profound belief that the things we create day-in-and-day-out have the potential to create positive impact in our lives.

Alongside our partners, we imagine, focus, and shape new products that elevate experience, deepen connections, and reset standards. Take a scroll for a behind-the-scenes look at some of our recent work.

Smith Riot Detail 1
Smith Riot

Striking simplicity.

The challenge with the Riot goggle brief was to hit a style that appealed to the young female shredder looking for great fit and a progressive frame style, all at a reasonable price. We started by sketching a wide variety of forms, considering subtle details that would make her smile.

Smith Product Riot Sketch 1B
Smith Product Riot Sketch 2

“As the form began to take shape, we focused on subtle carved surfaces to give definition to the frame and began looking at ways to use the strap anchor to add a pop of color.”

— Scott Layton / Creative Director - Product

Smith Product Riot Render 2

With the form defined, we moved into construction details.

Smith Product Riot Render 4
Smith Product Riot Render 3
Product Process Side Profile
Smith Product Quantum Hero
Smith Quantum

Maximum horsepower.

Keeping with the snow vibe, we wanted to share some of our process behind the design of the new Quantum helmet by Smith. The main goal was to use the revolutionary Koroyd material throughout the helmet to make it more safe than any other helmet currently on the market.

Smith Product Quantum Explore
Smith Product Quantum Sketch 2
Smith Product Quantum Sketch 3

“A multi-layered exterior shell with a tendon extending down the back of the helmet provides targeted impact resistance for the back of the head.”

— Matt Capozzi / Director of Product Experience

Smith Quantum Tendon 1

With the form of the helmet defined we focused on intuitive rider touchpoints to improve both performance and comfort.

Smith Quantum Details
Smith Quantum Xray
Hora Off Base

A smarter light for
a smoother day.

We think technology should augment and make our everyday a little better. Make our lives more seamless and smarter. We also don't need another beep, buzz, notification, or post in our lives. For the past year, we took it upon ourselves to explore how the lights and sounds in our home could help us to better manage our daily rhythm. The two pain points in our homes were the night light and alarm clock. How can we make them better?

Hora Exploration 1
Hora Exploration 2
Hora Exploration 3
Hora Concept Sketches 3
Hora Proto Thumb

Prove it. Prototyping is essential in making sure our products will work as intended.

Hora Proto 1
Hora Exploded 1
Hora Family Seamless 4

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