Fit to go further.

Helping the leader in fit dial in their brand presence.

Boa founder Gary Hammerslag started with one big idea – to replace traditional shoelaces in snowboard boots with a faster, more convenient method of lacing up. In 2001, The Boa System was introduced to the world in a series of boots with their first partners, K2 and Vans. Since then Boa has found a home with partners across categories, from snow and golf to utility and medical.

While their systems were featured in millions of products around the world – from fine tuning fit in the shoes of the world’s best cyclists to working 60 hours a week in utility boots – they’d spent the majority of effort communicating their story business to business. To better connect with individual consumers, they needed to reconfigure their messaging strategy and develop a more approachable, confident brand presence.

We helped Boa establish a position as the clear leaders in fit. They operate in a market where consumers have a myriad options, and Boa needed to communicate their founding belief that when your gear fits perfectly you can do more of what you love. We distilled their motivation, passion, and attention to detail into a brand platform that serves the needs of all their audiences. With the core strategy defined, we worked alongside their internal teams to develop a re-vamped voice, brand identity, visual language, photography style, and digital experience that is driven, heartfelt, and insightful.

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Purpose-built for performance.

Working closely with the team at Boa we looked into the realities shaping the marketplace, how they were creating differentiation from competitors, and how many of their partners were telling vastly different stories. Together we developed a strategic approach to shifting the brand’s focus. To be consumer first, yet partner forward. To tell our own story rather than have others do it for us. To value advantage over convenience, and experience over function.

Boa Messaging

“Rather than a smart solution to improve convenience, we developed a messaging platform highlighting Boa's core purpose of optimizing performance.”

— Jared Milam / Creative Director - Brand

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Brand Identity

Tighter, cleaner, and clearer.

In developing Boa’s new identity the challenge was to create a logo that could be read from multiple angles and small sizes without sacrificing legibility. A one color mark with a thicker weight offered the opportunity to span a myriad of applications and categories while being easy to read on product. All caps and a flexible footprint allowed for locking up nicely with partners while a proportion adjusted version works at small scale and perfectly centers on product.

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Visual Language

Tech forward,
benefit focused.

To bring the story behind the new identity to life, we needed a visual system that was flexible enough to tell a wide variety of stories, yet rigid enough to ensure a consistent voice and brand presence. Big, bold typography establishes a recognizable and strong character, clearly and directly communicating core messages and takeaways. A color palette inspired by the outdoors keeps the vibe fresh and new. The result is authentic, yet product focused. Bold, yet optimistic and clear.

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Boa Type Specimen
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“The stylized “B” references a tightening lace while the geometric proportions work well on the dial and provides a clean and clear framework that translated to a myriad of icons and graphic styles.”

— Chris Damiani / Art Director - Brand

Boa Product White Cycle

“Raw, heartfelt, and dynamic imagery heroes product benefits and the experiences they enable.”

— Karly Hand / Art Director - Brand

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Digital Experience

Discover better fit.

For Boa’s digital experience we set out to hero the new brand identity while providing an engaging and immersive discovery process for both newbies and experienced users. Our approach centered around embodying Boa’s position as the ultimate connection between equipment and human. We focused on visually tying The Boa System to the experiences it enables in fresh and unexpected ways. Two main paths through the site help stake the flag in user-driven innovation while introducing Boa to new consumers as the premium player in fit.


Boa Digital Desktop V2
Boa Digital Desktop Mobile
Boa Digital Mobile V2

Coming into this project, Boa was often conceived as a one size fits all solution – merely a replacement for traditional laces – rather than an upgrade. We helped to highlight both their innovative roots and purpose-driven passion for performance. 

The focus of the story became moving the brand identity past the reference to the dial and to re-position the brand around owning the experience of fit. The old arrows were often mistaken as a recycling symbol or were counter to the way some dials turned, making them confusing. We sought to make the Boa brand name synonymous with the experience of premier fit. 

The brand launched in mid February with a new website and resounding excitement from Boa’s brand partners. For the new site, we partnered with Metal Toad, who integrated a CMS that allowed Boa to leverage their suite of elevated visual content while highlighting epic experiences, seasonal initiatives, and product success stories.

Stay tuned for more as the new identity continues to roll out over the coming year!

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