Big brain. Bigger personality.

ANKI continues to forge a name for themselves as a leader in innovation, challenging the landscape of a category with long-standing norms. Their initial offering, OVERDRIVE, changed the game. With Cozmo, they set out to re-define it – driven by a belief that the robots we love and see in movies can (and should) become a reality.

With Cozmo, the team at ANKI was able to create a character, not just a toy. One with the ability to bond and attach, connect and adapt, and bring a bit of mischief to your daily routine. A friend that doesn’t just recognize your face, but gets to know you. Packed full of more than just simulated intelligence, Cozmo uses his myriad of sensors, cameras, gears, and code to create real connections and relationships.

ANKI came to Cinco in the early stages of developing Cozmo to help define the platform that would guide the multiple teams bringing him to life. The challenge was multi-tiered, but centered around capturing Cozmo’s personality, not just the technology behind it. Sure, the tech is light-years ahead of the current offerings, but the real story is how it enables Cozmo’s personality, ability to learn, and the unique, meaningful interactions that he brings day in and day out.

Anki Cozmo Strategy Header
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High-tech, not technical.

We set out to bring Cozmo to life by capturing the mischievous, playful, and sometimes irreverent nature of his personality. Product features and benefits take a backseat to highlighting Cozmo’s character and the spontaneous yet heartfelt moments that come with it. In developing Cozmo’s messaging platform, we kept it simple, straightforward, and to the point, building Cozmo’s voice around his exploits as he explores his world. The framework we established helped set the stage for consistently communicating Cozmo’s personality across every medium.

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Visual Identity

The main event.

Cozmo’s identity had to ensure that he always takes center stage, reflecting his best attributes – always-game, adventurous, smart but not pretentious – while fitting within the DNA of a pioneering technology company. Cozmo wears his heart on his sleeve, so we captured him at his realest – his playful, sometimes stubborn reactions and decisions – always highlighting interactions and the emotional connection. Real moments, simple layouts, and straight forward messages with cinematic story-telling help make Cozmo approachable, understandable, and dare-we-say, loveable.

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“Rounded letters and clean typography evoke Cozmo’s innovative industrial design while a fresh, energized color palette helps act as a grounding element across a variety of applications.”

— Scott Cook / Creative Director - Brand

Cozmo Color Text
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You know the feeling.

Our photography direction for Cozmo is all about creating real, heartfelt moments and capturing the interaction between Cozmo and the subject. Each image contributes to Cozmo’s development as a character, showcasing his penchant for exploration, curiosity, and insatiable appetite for game-play. Low camera angles combine with warm, natural lighting and environments to give a sense of the world from his perspective with a humanistic and approachable touch.

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Always the center of attention.

Cozmo’s packaging quite literally puts him center stage while helping to answer the questions at the top shoppers’ minds, from size to setup and durability. We made Cozmo the hero of the story, designing the form and structure to balance security, messaging, and shelf appeal with a unique out-of-box experience. By bundling the components and product information neatly below we were able to create a clean and adaptable box that is quickly scannable and easily customized for specific market localizations.

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All the feels.

For such a little guy, Cozmo’s personality is larger than life. From the announce trailer to the series of vignettes affectionately titled #cozmoments, we set out to capture the subtleties of what makes Cozmo distinctly, well, Cozmo. Whether sneezing during his big unveil, throwing a temper-tantrum after losing a game, or taking some time to get fit in the middle of the night; all of Cozmo’s quirks, emotions, and reactions are on full display.

#cozmoments – Best Friend

Watch Cozmo as he explores his world, plays games, and even gets into a little mischief along the way.
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Cozmo is game-changing because he delivers radical innovation and intelligence chock-full of personality, for an experience that’s entirely new and different. Whether he’s snoring in his charging dock or courageously peering off the edge of your kitchen counter, Cozmo is never lacking in charisma or spunk.

From the beginning, we worked alongside our partners at ANKI to hone in on moments that build real connections. Together, we developed a messaging platform that was true to Cozmo’s personality, laying a rock-solid foundation for communicating his story. The key points that we defined early on, from the big ideas to the small details, allowed us to tie cohesive and compelling threads across a myriad of assets and mediums.

Right from his announcement, the little guy made quite a splash; from features in the world’s largest media outlets to more than 4 million views on his YouTube channel. Cozmo has just begun to explore this great big world, but with the fantastic team at ANKI and a legion of developers (thanks to the opening of Cozmo’s SDK) he’s surely just scratching the surface of what will be possible.

Check out the links below to learn more and visit Cozmo online to get your own.


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