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Smith celebrates 50 years.

Revitalizing the Smith identity.

We're excited to join Smith in celebrating 50 years of innovation and the simultaneous launch of their new brand identity.

Cinco partnered with Smith to develop a strategic brand platform and evolve their logo. Both would help Smith in achieving their business goals: boost their relevance and expand the brand's reach beyond snow sports.

After experimenting with icons, wordmarks and combinations of both, the decision became clear: we believed the wordmark was the right choice.

Smith Id 50
Smith Id Snow

Our wordmark embodies Smith's story of innovation. The ventilated double lens, a first of its kind, was created by Dr. Smith to enable fog-free riding on the slopes. This became the visual anecdote behind the opening in the S. The wordmark serves as a reminder of Smith's origin and a symbol of their continued mission to innovate.

The branding work is only the beginning--watch out for further developments as we partner with Smith in looking forward for the next 50 years!