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Meet HORA: A smarter light for a smoother day.

A new project from the Cinco Concepts team.

We’re proud to introduce HORA, an integrated physical + digital concept project that explores using light, sound and interactivity in simple ways to help manage the rhythm of your home.

The busier we get, the more we crave simplicity. Our Cinco Concepts team believed a smarter light could help groups of people maintain and provide order to busy schedules in a surprisingly fresh way.

Ora Fb Sideview
Ora Fb Topview

Wireless connection and control allows you to program a full spectrum of light and sound to your schedule. HORA is designed to move, blurring the line between lamp and flashlight– allowing you to brighten any room. The magnetic charging base in a variety of finishes feels right at home, complementing our daily routines. Keep your eyes open for more on HORA in 2016.